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Gail LaGreca, LO
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Communicating with Clients:

How do you communicate with your clients? Through social networking, phone call, texting, or handwritten notes? Before you can answer this you need to know your audience.

The Millennials are definitely into social networking and technology. They want instant gratification and service. Online applications, secure links to upload documents, mobile phone apps, e-signing all provide a quick efficient process. In addition, information regarding current market conditions, comparison shopping, and education resources are just a finger-tip away. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc. can be great tools. This group can loosely be defined as being born from 1982 and after.

The Gen X clientele prefers a nice mix of old and new. They do use social networking and technology; however, they are also ok with some old practices. There is nothing wrong with meeting face to face to hold a conversation or discussion or providing a handwritten note to say “thank you”. The timeframe of this generation is roughly from 1965 to 1984.

Baby Boomers are a large group from prior to 1984 to when WW II ended or around 1946. This group likes to think that they are tech savvy and up with current trends, however, they may easily get confused and may not be comfortable admitting it! Best practice would be to offer both strategies for communication.

Bottom line is to know your customers. We live in a world where human experiences are increasingly becoming digital experiences. If you go out of your way to treat someone twice as well as they expect to be treated, you will earn their business. Shift back to what matters so that you implement a strategy that works and is flexible for all. You don’t want to miss an opportunity. There is a difference between knowing and doing. Learn how to reach your audience on their terms and with all of the tools available today. You will earn respect and new customers if you learn to become their trusted source. Sometimes the most powerful tool of all is simply… “word of mouth”.

Meet Gail LaGreca

Gail started her career in Lending in 1998. She brings over 10 years experience to the table and is well versed in all facets of the mortgage and real estate industry. With Nova Home Loans, she actively originates new loans for 1st time and re-peat homebuyers and has the knowledge and experience to effectively work with all borrowers –regardless of their unique situation. A borrower’s needs and expectations are top priority. Whether a borrower has a complex self-employed income structure, minimal credit, or credit challenges, Gail offers the guidance to help her clients reach the goal of home ownership. Combined with Nova Home Loans’ wide variety of mortgage products, low competitive pricing, in-house underwriting and support team, clients receive the best value in a mortgage transaction anywhere.

Her own first home buying experience did not go as expected and this has instilled a passion in her to make sure that all buyers are well educated, knowing what to anticipate well before getting to the closing table. Gail is a Colorado native, married, and a mother to three active boys. In addition to helping buyers realize their dreams of purchasing a home, she loves being outdoors hiking, biking, and skiing.

When you choose Gail as your Loan Officer you can expect a well rounded knowledge of the mortgage industry and exceptional long term customer service, long after the closing of your loan.

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