Line by Line Sales/Purchase Contract Webinar

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Line by Line Sales/Purchase Contract Webinar
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Lecture Summary:

This is the Line by Line Sales/Purchase Contract Webinar.



Oliver E. Frascona


Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greenstein



*Each module is about 30 minutes long.


*The modules will begin automatically in sequence.


*There are quizzes after module 2, 4 and 6. You have unlimited attempts to pass these.


*You can PAUSE the video modules or CLOSE out and return at a later time.


*If you CLOSE out of webinar, make a note of the module and chapter you are in so you can return to the same place at a later point. Your time is monitored on the back end, so if you login later and accidentally skip a module, a CE certificate will not be generated for you.


CE Certificate:

You will receive your CE Certificate within 48 business hours (Monday - Friday) after you complete the webinar.


Technical Support:

For Technical Support, please contact Tori at 303-875-3654, or Trish at 720-515-9145,

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